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Janet E.

Janet has been with our practice since January 2004. While technically a part-time employee, Janet's assistance with pre-authorization procedures is crucial to the office's workflow. With over 25 years of dental office experience (as both an assistant and a receptionist), Janet's unique abilities are one more way that we can help our patients to make the best decisions about their dental health.

Kathy C.

"Kathy Upfront" is often how she's referred to by patients she has greeted since 1994. Kathy has an excellent memory and uses it to remember the details that make our patients feel special. There is often a line in front of her desk because of this connection. Kathy's genuine spirit and sincere compassion are characteristics that everyone admires.


Cheri is an office veteran, having served our patients with informative compassion since 1993. Her professionalism and dedication are keys to our smooth-running office, and her positive outlook and motivation are irreplaceable assets to both our patients and staff. A natural leader, Cheri brings experience to our team.


Returning to our front office in January 2008, Nadja works full time as a receptionist. Her easygoing manner helps patients feel at ease in our office, and she's always ready to help with any questions that come up.

Nadja's expertise includes insurance research and keeping a tight schedule. She works hard to help you learn more about your benefits and never loses her winning smile.